HOW DO I Book the Space?

To fully book a date or set of dates at S.301, we require each of the following:

  • Fully executed contract (signed by you and us) 

  • Minimum 50% non-refundable deposit paid prior to the booked date (due upon contract signing)
  • Insurance certificate (purchased by you for the booked date or set of dates)
  • Client agrees to use studio provided security for their event.

HOW DO I MAKE A Deposit?

Deposits paid to S. 301 are non-refundable. We require this 50% payment as insurance of the validity of your booking and to protect our business from turning other potential clients away from any particular date. To book a date and time, a minimum deposit of 50% of the quoted booking fee is required. However if a client pays more than 50% or pays in full, that amount is considered the deposit amount and again is NON-REFUNDABLE.

can i cancel an already scheduled event?

You are free to cancel your booked date at any point, but there will be no refunds on payments made.

can i reschedule?

Changing your booked date is equivalent to a cancellation. There will be no refunds on payments made towards the booked date. Time changes for booked dates must be requested at least three (3) days in advance. 


If you run over the time you've booked, the price for each hour will be listed on your contract. Overtime is subject to availability, and payment for any overtime incurred during your booked time will be due within five (5) days Following your booking.


Our custom 16'x9' cyc wall is to be used for photography, filming, projection, or staging only. 

If your booking requires a freshly painted cyc wall (white, chroma key / digi green or blue) and / or a painted cyc floor, the cost ranges from $250 - $600, please inquire via email or phone about your specific needs. 

Damage and Studio Cleanliness policy

When booking with us, you are required to purchase insurance and list Studio 301 NYC as additionally insured, in the event that any damage be done to the walls, floors, equipment, fixtures, appliances, props, anything housed or affixed on or inside the studio, as well as your crew, guests, and any equipment and props you bring inside the space during the time of your booking.

You will be responsible for returning the studio to the condition it was in at the beginning of your booking as well as any tools, supplies, or equipment borrowed. You do not have to sweep or mop the floors, but we do expect all trash to removed from the floor and any ledges around the space. 

Up to $500 in excessive clean up fees may be applied to your bill if the studio is not returned to an acceptable condition, approved only by studio staff.

Possession of the Studio Areas

You will have access to all areas of the space that are specified in your contract and details confirmed prior to the booked date. You will be responsible for payment of any of the studio areas (storage room, box office, loft office or other studio areas not booked) that you make use of but did not request in the original booking.